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How to connect with your breasts?
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Goddess Portal 2024 - Chapter #3

How to connect with your breasts

In Chapter1 & Chapter2, we journeyed together uncovering the deep-seated challenges that many of us women face in today’s times.

We also discussed the topic of self-esteem and body image issues that many women are struggling with.

In this chapter, I want to delve deeper into a topic that is often at the heart of femininity yet always concealed under stigma, misconceptions and sometimes shame
 our Breasts.

Breasts are more than just physical attributes

They are a symbol of our womanhood. Our breasts should be a source of beauty and a wellspring of femininity. Their ability to nourish our newborn children and thus our entire human race is something that our society should honour and regard as sacred!

Yet, it's startling how many women find themselves at odds with this part of their bodies. It’s alarming to me the number of women who have told me, "I don’t like my breasts". They think their breasts are either too big or too small or not firm or not attractive enough.

But, it's not their fault. For years our breasts have been stigmatized and grossly objectified by the media, fashion and porn industries. The rise of social media has only escalated the issue further. 

The widespread misrepresentation of what breasts should be like has ingrained a deep sense of insecurity, leading many women to feel shame and dissatisfaction with their own breasts. What ought to be revered as a symbol of life and femininity, has unfortunately become a focal point of shame and self-criticism.

This skewed perception is more than an individual concern; it is a societal issue that profoundly affects how we women show up in the world.

I want you to pause here

Reflect on your own relationship with your breasts. Have you ever considered the profound significance of your own breasts? What role do your breasts play in your feminine essence?

Take a moment to think about how they contribute to your sense of self, your life experiences, and the way you connect with the world.

Your breasts are not just a part of your body; they're a part of your story, your journey as a woman. They symbolize so much more than physicality — they are carriers of emotion, creativity, identity and life itself.

The day you will accept your breasts in all their essence and glory, that is the day you will embrace yourself in totality. Your relationship with your authentic self will completely transform.

Let this reflection be the beginning of a new understanding and appreciation for your own breasts.

A practice to connect with your breasts

In order to help women fully connect with their breasts at my retreats, I facilitate a one hour long workshop which is called The Breast Meditation.

This meditation is inspired from a 5000-year-old scripture from India called 'Vigyan Bhairav Tantra'.

While practicing this meditation you may experience a range of sensations, creative visions, a rush of feelings or energy flowing inside your body and outside in your auric field.

It's a process that connects you deeply with your feminine essence, releasing any insecurities that you may have about your breasts.

You too can learn this Breast Meditation

In the second half of my class ‘Unveil Your Inner Goddess’, I will go deeper into the Breast Meditation practice. I will explain the step-by-step process and demonstrate it for you.

Many women who have regularly practiced this meditation have shared its transformative effects with me:

Some have felt a deeper sense of love towards their bodies. They've noticed a visible change in their self-confidence... some have even said that their breasts feel bigger... some women have also confessed that they are suddenly getting a lot more attention from men.

As a woman, when you radiate confidence and energy from your breasts it will amplify your allure and feminine charm. It will nurture your creativity. It will balance your emotional state, fostering a sense of inner peace and a feeling of being content. You will also feel a deep connection to your intuition and feminine wisdom. 

If this is something you want to experience as well, tune in to the second half of my class, ‘Unveil Your Inner Goddess’

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Final Note: 

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In this class I will be sharing my own journey as a Tantra teacher for women.

I will guide you through the ‘This Is The Body Of The Goddess’ exercise to release any insecurities you may have about your body.

In the second half of the class, I will teach you how to do the ‘Breast Meditation’ so you can deeply connect with your feminine allure and radiate confidence.

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