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[kauā€§la]Ā (ą¤•ą„Œą¤²)
ā€˜Kaulaā€™ is a Sanskrit term, which essentially means a spiritual family who are devoted to life-affirmative Tantra methods in service of spiritual liberation

We LOVE what we do

At Tantra Essence, we understand the importance of having a trustworthy and reliable team to accompany us on our mission to spread the wisdom of Tantra worldwide.

We see ourselves more than just a teamā€“we are a Kaula.

We are a collective of passionate, dedicated, and highly experienced professionals, each bringing our own unique expertise and energy to our offerings.

Tantra Essence prides itself on having a diverse and exceptional team, recognized globally for their depth of knowledge and commitment to the transformative power of Tantra.

From the serene mountains of the Himalayas, to the warm embrace of Mama Bali, to the rich heritage of Europe, our teachers have gathered and refined ancient Tantric wisdom and modern personal growth modalities to offer truly authentic and life-changing experiences.

Our team members are carefully selected based on their expertise that comes from their own lived experiences, teaching skills, and alignment with the core values of Tantra Essence.

Each faculty member has trained and apprenticed with Ma Ananda Sarita for several years. This meticulous process ensures that we not only have the best teachers in the world but also the most harmonious and effective team dedicated to your transformational journey.

Together we bring decades of experience and a profound understanding of both traditional and contemporary tantric paths, making Tantra Essence a leading light in the global Tantra community.

Tantra Essence Founder

Ma Ananda Sarita

AĀ world-renowned Tantra Master and Mystic who has been dedicated to her own spiritual path since 1973. She foundedĀ Tantra Essence in the year 2008.


A disciple of Osho, Sarita's teachings weave together sexuality, love and spirituality for a profound unification and wholeness of being. With over 3 decades of teaching experience, she offers transformative Tantra retreats, trainings and online courses.

She strongly believes that there is a global awakening happening right now, for personal and planetary Enlightenment. According to her, Tantra offers a wise path for this awakening to manifest.

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Meet Our Lead Faculty


Suta brings over 25 years of expertise in Tantra, Breathwork, and Meditation, focusing on mergingĀ sensuality with spirituality to enhance intimacy and self-awareness.

He has been teaching with Ma Ananda Sarita and other members of the Kaula since 2008, leading transformational workshops in 15 countries, helping individuals connect deeply with the spirit of loveĀ and inner peace.


Tanmaya combines her background in acting, singing and meditation with a wide range of group facilitation, bringing joy and lightness to her Tantra teachings.

Having been a dedicated apprentice of Ma Ananda Sarita since 2011, Tanmaya has evolved into one of the worldā€™s best Tantra Teachers. She leads Tantra Essence couplesā€™, singlesā€™ and womenā€™s Retreats as well as Teacher Trainings.


Dharmaraj, a Tantra Teacher and Intimacy Coach from the USA, enriches his teachings with ancient wisdom from Tantra, Taoism, and Shamanism.

Trained by world-renowned masters including Ma Ananda Sarita, Margot Anand and Mantak Chia, heĀ teaches various retreats and trainings at Tantra Essence. HeĀ is also invited to teach atĀ major Tantra festivals globally aiming to empower individualsĀ to awaken their full ecstatic potential.


Modestas merges his extensive background in professional dance with TantraĀ to create transformational experiences for profound personal growth.

Specializing in the Soulmate Series for Couples, Tantra Teacher Training & Tantra Mystic Massage Training he teaches worldwide spreading the power ofĀ love and consciousness through DanceĀ & Tantra.

Meet our Teachers


Sira, founder of She Circle, ex-Mindvalley Facilitator, is an experienced embodied femininity coach.

With over a decade of spiritual exploration, she guides transformative journeys to reclaim authentic selves. Certified in NLP, hypnotherapy, and Tantra, Sira helps women embrace their femininity and embody their unique power.

Prabhuda Ananda

Prabhuda is a Tantra Essence graduate, studied under Ma Ananda Sarita and Taoism Master, Mantak Chia. With additional training in Yoga and Himalayan traditions, he specializes in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Prabhuda is dedicated to energy cultivation, healing, and guiding students on their spiritual journeys


Deike specializes in working with couples and women. With a background in Innovation Management, she transformed her life, moving to Bali and finding her soulmate.

Passionate about conscious relationships, Deike supports couples and feminine leaders in enhancing love, intimacy, and pleasure through modern tantric principles.


Sangeet combines Tantra, men's work, and holistic wellness in his teachings. Trained by Ma Ananda Sarita and influenced by David Deida, he integrates Indian Classical Music and Ayurveda counseling.

Sangeet uses Tantra to help individuals heal past traumas and embrace their authentic selves, fostering deep connections and inner peace.

Amrita Hanna Slaninkova

Based in Slovakia, Amrita, a Tantra teacher and holistic therapist, is devoted to Tantra as a spiritual path to Enlightenment.

Her powerful energy and ability to create sacred spaces facilitate deep transformation, unlocking full potential and fostering love and connection.

Dhyan Yogi

Dhyan Yogi, a Tantra Teacher, Shaman, and Sexual Healer, blends Tantra and Shamanism to enhance love, joy, and consciousness.

Trained by Ma Ananda Sarita, his teachings focus on conscious relationships and balancing masculine and feminine energies. Founder of Conscious Tantra and Shamanism, he leads retreats across Europe and Asia.


Damir's heart-based teachings draw from his Sufi background. Trained in Tantra with Ma Sarita and Tao with Mantak Chia, he leads Tantra and men's groups in Switzerland.

He also runs a popular lakeside meditation venue and a growing Tantra community, fostering deep spiritual practices in a serene setting.