I help people awaken their true essence

Join our community to embrace the fullness of your being.

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I help people awaken their true essence ✨

Join our community to embrace the fullness of your being. 

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Join us for Meditation

Tantra is not Tantra without Meditation.

Here, we use silent and active meditations as a portal to discovering your true essence.

Our expertly crafted meditations ignite a delicious dance of self-discovery.

It's an invitation for you to embrace your authentic power, sensuality and bliss.

Embark on a transformative journey. Reveal hidden depths within. Dissolve stagnation.

Awaken the radiant essence of your inner being.

Join us for Connection

Step into a vibrant community.

This is where hearts converge, souls intertwine and lifelong bonds are forged.

You'll find yourself supported, inspired and uplifted

We dive deep into the art of human connection through heart-opening rituals, interactive workshops and joyful celebrations.

Come and experience the profound beauty of belonging. 

Join us for Celebration

Welcome to the ultimate celebration of life!

We design spaces where joy knows no limits.

Here inhibitions are left behind as we step into a safe container.

Our community of radiant souls embrace the art of living fully and passionately.

Together, we create an oasis of love, laughter and ecstasy.

Come, unleash your inner wild child.

Immerse yourself in the juiciest, most tantalizing celebrations.

Hi! I'm Ma Ananda Sarita

My mission in life is to spread the joy of Tantra in the world.

I have been deeply immersed in my personal path of Tantra, Meditation and Spirituality since 1973.

I spent 17 years learning directly from the enlightened mystic Osho in his physical presence. This invaluable time allowed me to absorb the full essence of his teachings and dive deeper into the realms of Tantra and holistic healing.

I am committed to practicing and teaching authentic Tantra, rooted in Meditation and Love.

Tantra for me is a sublime path to enlightenment which explores polarities and the alchemical transformation that takes place when opposites meet in the light of awareness.

Get to know my full story...


Sarita is really loving and compassionate.

I evolved deeply in my spirituality. Sarita has tools that really work for modern people and can light up a room full of students.

Layla Martin,
Tantra Teacher


She has unique wisdom about life.

It’s a privilege to live at the same time as Sarita. She has ancient knowledge about the secrets of life itself. She has a unique enthusiasm.

Swami Deva Ashik,
Tantra Teacher

Our 3 Values







Choose Your Path

Learn Tantra in the most safe & authentic way

I am well aware of the myths surrounding Tantra.

It's disheartening that the word Tantra is sometimes misunderstood as a space for orgies and pursuit of sex. Some even associate Tantra with black magic or witchcraft. 

In reality, Tantra is a profound path of self-discovery. It is a space for emotional healing. It offers multidimensional tools for spiritual growth.

I am dedicated to providing a saferespectful & authentic environment for your transformative journey. With Tantra Essence, you can trust that you are in the hands of experienced facilitators. Here, we honour the true essence of Tantra. We serve you by creating a safe space where you can thrive, grow and discover the magic within.

I invite you to look beyond these myths and allow me to guide you towards the real wisdom of Tantra. This is a space where you will rediscover yourself, experience profound connection and have a renewed celebration for life.


'' Sarita is just the teacher I needed ''




I am forever grateful.

Sarita has the integrity of walking the walk in & outside of the retreat room. It’s clear to me that Sarita embodies the teachings herself.



She has a way of loving you where you are at.

She lets you have your journey. She lets you have your process. She loves you no matter what without judgment. I love her gentle, loving, nourishing approach.

Czech Republic


She is the divine energy in its purest form.

She took me on a journey on my own soul’s calling. I’ve never met another human being who could take me to such a depth of my journey.



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