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Goddess Portal 2024 - Chapter #2

Why are women struggling with body image issues... And what it means for us ?

In the previous chapter, I shared with you the most common issues faced by women who come to me for help… and despite the challenges, how many women have been able to successfully navigate them and are living a happy and fulfilling life today.

Out of these challenges one really stands out to me. I am alarmed by the number of women who are stuck in a negative self-talk with regards to their body -

“I am not beautiful enough...”

“My lips are too small...”
“I wish my breast was better...”
...and so on. 

In this chapter, I want to dive deeper in this topic as this negative self-talk can be disastrous for a woman’s ability to show up fully in her true essence.

First… here’s an alarming statistic

I read a survey released by The WealthiHer Network in 2021, which said a staggering 79% of the women admitted to struggling with their self-esteem!

That means 4 out of every 5 women don’t feel comfortable in their skin. They feel they are not enough! …My heart aches.

The struggle with self-esteem is more than skin deep. It reflects deeper issues of self-judgment and societal pressures.

When a woman says, “I am not beautiful enough,” or “I wish this part of my body was different,” it's not just about physical appearance. It's about how she sees herself in the mirror of society's expectations.

Who is to blame?

The problem lies with mainstream media and the relentless bombardment of ‘ideal’ beauty standards. Advertisements, Movies and now, Social Media platforms, perpetuate an image of beauty that is not just unrealistic but often unattainable for most women.

All this for what? So they can sell more make-up, more fashion, more movies, more porn?

They want to make more money at the expense of your self-esteem.

This constant exposure to photoshopped beauty has a profound impact. It distorts our perception of beauty and thus our self-worth.

Some might even resort to extreme measures like plastic surgery to conform to these standards…Fake nose, Fake lips, Fake breasts and even Fake genitalia. It’s ironic that women are losing their individuality, and they all want to look just the same.

Women need to realize that these cosmetic treatments are just band-aid solutions. If they really want to overcome their self-esteem and if they want to discover their true feminine essence they need to look within and this is what I am here to help you with today.

I don’t have a magic wand… but I have seen miracles 🪄

I see miracles of transformation around me every day.

I see women who are suffering from all sorts of emotional, physical and even sexual trauma completely reborn.

Women have come to my retreats and were able to heal their insecurities... their limiting beliefs... their scars... their traumas and go on to completely transform their lives.

But there are still millions if not billions of women who are suffering in one way or the other.  They have lost their feminine playfulness and inner radiance, and above all they don’t love themselves.

You are expected to love your children, husband, parents and so on. But can you really love them fully if you don’t love yourself to fullest?

In case you resonate with this, and you need help, I am here for you, sister.

A guided practice to release body insecurities

In my online class ‘Unveil Your Inner Goddess’, I will be guiding you into a practice called, ‘This Is The Body Of The Goddess’.

This practice is not just about identifying the problem; it's about taking steps towards healing and empowerment. It’s a blend of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and Tantra that have helped countless women in my retreats embark on their journey to body-confidence.

I firmly believe that every woman is a Goddess waiting to be discovered. This practice will help you embrace this truth and embody the Goddess Essence within you.

My mission is to bring this awareness to every woman in the world. This is why I want to bring online the experiences I teach in my retreats, so every woman around the world can benefit from it. This is my way of contributing to the global movement of women's empowerment.

Your connection with your breasts

Apart from this practice, I will be sharing another practice that is aimed to help you deepen your connection with your breasts. This special practice is about honouring the very essence of your womanhood and amplifying your feminine charm and allure. But more on that in the next chapter.

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