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Embrace your feminine essence
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Silent struggles of women with their body image
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How to connect with your breasts?
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Unveil Your Inner Goddess
Goddess Portal 2024 - Chapter #1

Embrace Your Feminine Essence

Every woman carries within her a wellspring of love, wisdom and a nurturing spirit. When she embraces her innate feminine qualities, she has the power to shape the world for the better.

While such traits come naturally to women, they must be mindfully cultivated. By deliberately developing her unique essence she will be empowered to live a life full of joy and freedom.

Yet, in the whirlwind of daily life, amidst the endless roles we play as women, this sacred essence can feel buried, almost forgotten. The feeling of disconnect from our sensuality, the craving to fulfil our inner desires, the struggle to find balance in our energies are unmet needs many of us share.

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wished to see beyond the surface, to rediscover the depth and beauty of your feminine spirit, you’re not alone. There is a universal longing for something more—a return to our essence, a reawakening of our Inner Goddess.

First… the bad news

I’m not talking about everyday garden-variety challenges. The last few years have been intense... Especially for women!

Here are the most common statements I hear from women who come to me seeking help:

  • “I am not beautiful…” Women are struggling with self-esteem more than ever thanks to the fashion and mass media.
  •  “Will I ever find true love…" or on the contrary, "I don't feel fulfilled in my relationship…” Finding and sustaining long-term romantic partnerships is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s times.
  • “My lips are too small... I am unhappy with the size of my breasts...” More and more women are grappling with body image insecurities. They don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. 
  • ”I'm too much in my masculine energy…” The struggle to balance goal-driven masculine energy with heart-centered feminine energy while chasing your financial goal is real.
  • “I don’t have time for myself…” While busy playing the role of a mother, wife, daughter, women find themselves losing their true essence.
  • ”I feel disconnected with my sensuality…” Amidst life’s relentless pace and pressures, more and more women are feeling disconnected with their pleasure, leaving them unfulfilled.
  • “I am not enough…” The surge in social media usage has created a culture of comparison, undermining women's confidence and self-perception.

...and much more. This is just the shortlist. There’s a lot more I can share, but I don’t want to scare you off before we even get started!

And yet…

Despite these widespread challenges, there are paths to triumph and fulfillment. In my own journey and through the experiences of countless women I've worked with, I've seen incredible transformations.

In the last year itself, I have first-hand witnessed numerous stories of women transforming their lives. Women who felt overshadowed by societal pressures, have rediscovered their true self. Those grappling with self-doubt have found regained their self-esteem. Relationships once strained by miscommunication and misunderstanding have blossomed into partnerships of love and mutual respect.

While many women have been able to attend my retreats and benefit from these experiences there are millions of women around the world who are still held back because of these challenges.

And that’s why I decided to create a free online class that I am calling ‘Unveil Your Inner Goddess’.


How to embrace your divine feminine?

In my online class, 'Unveil Your Inner Goddess', I will be showing you how women can reclaim their feminine essence and tap into their inner beauty. This is in the form of an 75-minute, experiential class in which I will be guiding you to do two practices that are really popular at my retreats.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ma Ananda Sarita. I have been working in the field of Tantra, Holistic Healing and Women’s Empowerment since 1990, spanning nearly 5 decades. I have developed over 30 different types of retreats for women, couples and people from all walks of life.

At my Tantra retreats, I’ve firsthand witnessed the transformation of thousands of women as they reclaim their feminine essence and completely transform their lives. I’m going to be bringing these same time-tested methods to the upcoming class.

The 'Unveil Your Inner Goddess' class is designed to empower you so you can have an abundance of joy, love and connection.

Here are some of the key themes we'll explore in depth:


#1 Deconstructing Perception of Beauty...

We'll dismantle the conventional beauty standards set by the media and explore a more empowering and inclusive understanding of beauty that resonates with the true essence of us women.

#2 Guided Exercise to Overcome Body Insecurities...

We'll address common body insecurities prevalent amongst us, fostering a path towards self-acceptance and self-love. I will guide you through a 15-minute immersive exercise so you can experience a taste of the transformation that the women at my Tantra retreats experience.    

#3 Amplify Your Feminine Charm and Allure...

I will teach you a very special Breast Meditation. This will help you amplify your natural charm, enhancing your allure in a way that's authentic and powerfully feminine. This is meditation is one of the highest rated experiences at my retreats. 


More on these topics in the next chapters…

Chapter 2: Silent struggles of women with their Body Image

Chapter 3: How to connect with your breasts?


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