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Chapter #1
The common challenges with intimacy
Chapter #2
The differences in
male & female pleasure
Chapter #3
Enhance your pleasure by merging your Chakras
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The Art of Intimacy
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The Pleasure Portal - Chapter #3

The role of Chakras in deepening your intimacy

In Chapter1 & Chapter2, we uncovered some of the most common challenges in our society in the realms of intimacy and romance.

We also touched upon the distorted image we have about lovemaking. We acknowledged the fact that men and women have distinct desires and there is a significant gap in our understanding about each other's needs in the bedroom.

As we journey deeper in our exploration of our intimacy, let’s turn our attention to a vital yet often overlooked aspect of the human body. In this chapter I want to dive deep into an intricate system that is at the core of our being, yet often, it escapes our conscious awareness. This network of energy centers, despite it being fundamental to our daily lives, is usually brushed aside as too esoteric simply because its origins are in spirituality rather than conventional science.

I am talking about our Chakras ꩜

For those who are unfamiliar, let me briefly describe what a Chakra is.

A Chakra is like a vortex of energy that is responsible for distributing vital life force energy, also known as prana or chi, throughout your body.

Several Chakras combine together to create a continuous energy channel that covers the entire body, from crown to the sex center and further down to the feet. 

There are 7 main Chakras in your body. Both Tantra and Yoga emphasize the importance of these 7 energy centers, considering them as keys to vibrant life, wisdom, and deep fulfillment.

By engaging in specific meditations, you can activate each chakra. This creates a clear path to the universal source of energy and invites abundance in all aspects of life.

In the modern western world, the concept of Chakras and their role in your wellbeing is often overlooked. Rarely are we taught about these energy centers and their impact on our holistic health, including our sexual and emotional health.

These unseen forces of energy are more than just spiritual concepts. They have a huge influence on our emotions, our libido and our ability to connect with others.

We have such a powerful tool within us which remains unused by the majority of people because they are simply unaware of its existence, or they don’t know how to harness its full potential.

The western wellness industry teaches you about the importance of doing silent meditations. Or they tell you to try Kegels exercise to strengthen your pelvic muscles. While these practices have their benefits, they only touch the surface of what’s truly possible when you engage with your entire energetic system.

To experience the full spectrum of your pleasure, you cannot do it without activating each and every Chakra. Each Chakra plays a unique role in your overall well-being. Ignoring some of them is like trying to play a melody on a piano while only striking a few keys. You may produce a sound, but you miss out on the symphony.

Understanding and aligning your Chakras is not just about physical health or sexual satisfaction. It’s about unblocking and harmonizing the flow of energy throughout your entire body. This harmony not only enhances physical sensations but also deepens emotional connections, both with yourself and with your partners.

And guess what, just like the desires in men and women are distinct, the Chakras in men and women also differ from each other. So, if you want to unlock the flow of energy during lovemaking, it is essential for you to understand these differences and learn how to harmonize your Chakras with your beloved.

Merging the masculine and feminine through these energy centers can open up a portal of ecstatic states beyond your wildest imaginations.


Practices to activate Chakras...

At my Tantra retreats, I guide participants through a variety of exercises to train them on how to fully engage with their energy centers, both in solitude and while in intimate union. I have developed a range of practices such as Chakra Meditation, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Dance, Chakra Activation, Chakra Massage and many more. Besides these, there are specific practices to work on each Chakra individually as well.

Some of these practices are inspired from a 5000-year-old Tantra scripture called 'Vigyan Bhairav Tantra', while others were developed over the course of the last 30+ years at my transformative Tantra retreats.

These practices are designed to awaken and energize... to bring you into a profound state of awareness with your own energy and that of your beloved. As you delve into these practices, be prepared to journey through a spectrum of experiences—from subtle sensations to creative visions, from a rush of emotions to orgasmic bliss, feeling the energy not just rising through your body but also enveloping your auric field.

Many of the participants who have attended my Tantra retreats have experienced profound benefits after connecting with their Chakras. Couples have found new depths in their relationships. They have elevated their lovemaking with increased sensitivity to each other's desires. Men have learnt how to achieve multiple orgasms and full body orgasms. Women have learnt how to express their desires and learnt how to reach heightened states of ecstasy. Beyond the benefits in the bedroom, the participants report a significant increase in their overall well-being. They are happier, more confident and have found more joy in their lives.


You too can experience this...

In the second half of my upcoming class, I will go deeper into this subject and explain the role of Chakras while connecting with your partner. I will also unveil the lesser-known concept of Polarities in male and female Chakras.

I will then guide you through a solo practice that will give you an experience of energy flowing in your Chakra system.

If this is something you want to experience as well, tune in to the second half of my upcoming masterclass, ‘The Art of Intimacy’.

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