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Chapter #1
The common challenges with intimacy
Chapter #2
The differences in
male & female pleasure
Chapter #3
Enhance your pleasure by merging your Chakras
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The Pleasure Portal - Chapter #1

Valentine’s Week Special: How to Master the Art of Lovemaking!

The season of romance is here!

Romance isn’t just a word… It’s an experience. It’s the dance of 2 heartbeats.

The stolen glances… them melty dances… those gentle caresses… and the endless nights of lovemaking.

The unspoken language of romance brings to life the most ecstatic joy… a joy that awakens the soul and sets your spirits ablaze.

I invite you to pause here and take a moment to reflect… What have been your favorite romantic experiences?

Let these cherished memories be a reminder of your hearts dancing to the rhythm of deep connection, your souls singing the timeless song of romance, your spirit melting in your lover's warm embrace.

In every one of us, there lies a deep yearning for this kind of romance. Whether you are single or in a long standing relationship, we all crave such moments of deep connection and exhilarating intimacy.

BUT, it's also in these moments of seeking closeness that we often encounter some of our greatest unspoken challenges.

Whether it’s the performance anxiety that grips some or the mysterious lack of libido. For some men it’s disappointingly challenging to ‘stay hard’ while for some women it seems frustratingly impossible to reach the ultimate heavenly climax.

…and how can I not mention the silent question that lurks just beneath the surface at the end of every experience, “Was I good enough?”

Navigating this intricate dance of intimacy isn’t always straightforward - it requires understanding, patience and education… Yes, education! And not the basic education that they teach in school. I’m talking about real education that comes from years of experience, studying, researching, practicing and teaching this subject.

Hi, I am Ma Ananda Sarita…

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ma Ananda Sarita. I have been deeply immersed in the path of Tantra, Meditation and Spirituality since 1973.

My mission in life is to spread the joy of Tantra in our world. I am committed to practicing and teaching authentic Tantra that is rooted in Meditation and Love.

There are many misconceptions and misrepresentations of Tantra that are prevalent in our culture. However, in reality, Tantra is an alchemy of sex and spirit that leads one to the path of enlightenment.

It uses various methods of active meditations to open us to our fullest potential by tapping into our instinctual nature, our 5 senses, our emotions, our chakras, kundalini energy and consciousness expanding states.

Over the last 3 decades I have had the honor to spread this sacred knowledge around the world in the form of workshops, retreats and training other teachers. While teaching in 36+ countries, I have developed 30 different programs for men, women, singles, couples and people from all walks of life.

ma-ananda-sarita group-image ma-ananda-sarita

Over the years countless people have come to me seeking help for the challenges they face in their bedroom.

Here are the most common issues I get to hear…

  • Performance Anxiety: The pressure to perform and please the other becomes a crippling mental block, overshadowing the joy of intimacy.
  •  Low Libido: Struggles with mismatched libidos or the waning desire over time leading to frustration and unfulfilled needs.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Men grappling with this issue often struggle with their confidence in bed that may lead to avoidance and low self-esteem.
  • Unable to 0rg@sm: Many women find themselves on a quest for the elusive climax, leading to dissatisfaction and sometimes despair.
  • Lack of Emotional Connection: The silent divide of the hearts often echoes loudly. The richness of a truly connected lovemaking experience is lost.
  • Communication Barriers: This is when desires remain voiceless, needs go unheard, misunderstandings remain unresolved, thus leaving partners feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

…These and many such challenges, while they are extremely personal, they resonate with many.

If you are struggling with any such challenge then just remember you are not alone in this. These are shared experiences across the spectrum of human relationships and intimacy. We all have gone through them. And the good news is that they all can be overcome.

In the sacred space of my retreats, I have witnessed remarkable transformations. Numerous individuals who were once entangled in these intimate struggles have blossomed.

With the help of holistic sex education, guided exercises and dedicated practice they have rewritten their limiting beliefs, rekindled desire and reignited the spark in the bedroom. They’ve learnt the keys to unlocking profound pleasure and connection in their intimate lives.

While many have been able to attend my retreats and solve their problems there are millions of people who are still held back and suffering on a daily basis.

And that’s why I decided to create a FREE online class called, 'The Art of Intimacy' so I can bring this knowledge and practices to as many people as possible.

The Tantrik Art of Intimacy & Pleasure

In my free online class, I will be sharing with you the wisdom from the ancient scriptures of Tantra that will teach you how to experience tingling joy in your body. I am going to show you how to melt completely in love with your partner. You will learn how to connect your sex and spirit.

I will teach you key techniques that people learn in my retreats after spending thousands of dollars and having to fly across continents.

👉 The class will be released on 14th of Feb.
👉 It will be available for a week. You can watch it anytime at your convenience.
👉 Both singles and couples are invited.
👉 It is FREE for everyone to join.
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Here are some of the key themes we'll explore in depth:


#1 Deconstruct the misconceptions around s3x

We’ll debunk the myths that have clouded our understanding around this subject. The true essence of lovemaking is far beyond the physical act. It’s a multi-faceted experience that has emotional depth, spiritual connection and transformative exchange of energy. We’ll learn how these layers interplay and contribute to a deeper, more fulfilling experience.

#2 Spiral to Heaven

Learn this exquisite erotic technique based on ancient scriptures of Tantra that is key to unlocking your partner's deepest ecstatic states. Each step of this technique will take your partner closer to celestial pleasure. Embrace this knowledge and watch as you and your partner spiral together to the heavens of ecstasy.

#3 Merging the Masculine and Feminine Poles

Understanding the differences in the male and female Chakras is like learning a sacred dance. It’s like creating a symphony where two souls, distinct yet naturally complimentary, unite in harmony. By learning this technique, you will be able experience the full spectrum of love and intimacy.


Stay tuned for tomorrow's email where I will be releasing the next chapter:
The different desires of Men and Women


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