𑁍 Introducing the Women's Erotic & Emotional Fulfillment Online Program 𑁍

Journey Towards Erotic & Emotional Wholeness

An online program for women to enrich your lives with new depths of sensuality and emotional well-being.

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For women yearning to fully embrace your sensuality and pleasure, chances are…

  • You find yourself craving intimacy and eroticism, but something seems to be holding you back from fully embracing your desires.
  • Life's daily stressors, responsibilities and routines have taken a toll on your intimate life, leaving you feeling disconnected and in need of a passionate revival.
  • Past experiences or relationships may have left you with emotional wounds or inhibitions that stand in the way of embracing your complete emotional and sensual self.
  • You've been seeking a way to break free from societal norms and expectations, allowing yourself to explore your innate feminine essence without judgment or shame.
  • You've been feeling a disconnect between your emotional desires and your current intimate experiences, leaving you longing for a deeper and more fulfilling connection.
  • You've encountered challenges in expressing your true desires openly, making it difficult to experience the level of emotional and sexual satisfaction you truly crave.
  • The desire for emotional and erotic wholeness has become a priority for you, as you believe it is essential for personal growth and overall well-being.
  • Deep down, you know there's more to explore within yourself and your intimate connections and you're ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and pleasure. 💫

If you identify with any of the above, then just know that you are not alone. There is a guided journey waiting for you where you can embrace your emotional and sensual desires and step into your full feminine essence.

Introducing the Women’s Erotic & Emotional Fulfillment Online Program


Welcome to a transformative online journey designed exclusively for women like you, who seek to embrace their sensuality, eroticism, and deep emotional connections. 

Our carefully curated blend of ancient Tantric wisdom, modern psychology, and sensual practices offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and growth.

Discover a new realm of pleasure and intimacy as you embark on this guided adventure. This program goes beyond surface-level experiences; it delves into the core of your being, allowing you to break-free from inhibitions & connect with your innate ecstasy potential.

The format of the program is uniquely designed as a women’s group in which you are included as a participant. You will learn from witnessing the other participants on screen go through their joys, challenges and transformations. They will be inspiring you to dive in even more totally into your transformative journey.


Highlights of what you'll learn...


Unlock Your Sensual Expression

Deepen Emotional Intimacy

Intensify Passionate Encounters

Embody Feminine Radiance

Empowerment Through Pleasure

Awaken Your Innate Eroticism

Experience Heightened Pleasure

Build Body & Self-Confidence

Foster Deeper Self-Connection

Cultivate Fulfilling Relationships

Discover Your Unique Pleasure Map

Explore Your Goddess Portals


The Curriculum...


Module 1: Introduction

  • Awaken your Shakti power for a vibrant sexual and emotional flow.
  • Immerse in present moment awareness through the exploration of the five senses.
  • Experience the healing magic of Aura Soma Blessings for grounding and intention setting. 💫

Module 2: Menstrual cycles

  • Embrace the cycles of life and evolution which are mirrored in your menstrual cycle.
  • Learn about the natural rhythms of your sexual responsiveness.
  • Embracing the wisdom of menopause and the transcendence phase. 💫

Module 3: Giving birth to yourself

  • Embrace the power of the womb center and rediscover your birth-giving potential.
  • Rewrite negative birthing beliefs for empowerment and healing.
  • Experience a transformative trance journey into your womb. 💫

Module 4: Emotional fluidity

  • Function circle trance dance: Embody balanced and imbalanced emotional aspects of each organ, fostering wholeness and health.
  • Learn how to live your emotions in a very positive and uplifting way.
  • Heart-centered healing: Unwind stagnation, find balance and promote well-being through embodied expression. 💫

Module 5: Death ritual

  • Let go of what no longer serves you to embrace a positive transition.
  • Explore how incomplete issues and burdens can carry over into new life experiences.
  • Discover a powerful of ritual to rewrite your life script and recreate a more balanced life. 💫

Module 6: Erogenous zones massage

  • Awaken various erogenous zones all over your body devoted to pleasure.
  • Prepare with a friend for the massage exchange.
  • Experience a nurturing support that helps you open up to pleasure and sensual exploration. 💫

Module 7: Full body energy activation

  • Awaken your entire orgasmic splendour and become the empress of your own sexuality.
  • Understand the difference between orgasm and genital release, learning to ride multiple waves of orgasmic energy.
  • Work with Bioenergetic exercises to break free from body stagnation and allow a free flow of vital energy. 💫

Module 8: Yoni talk & adoration

  • Explore a rite of passage which should be available to every girl at puberty. This experience is a must to fully blossom as a woman.
  • Rediscover the sacredness of the Yoni, appreciating its beauty & diversity and letting go of stereotypes.
  • Understand the profound nature of a woman's arousal & orgasm and the importance of mutual pleasure. 💫

Module 9: Sexy party

  • Embrace the power of knowing and living your sexual desires.
  • Experience the liberation of trapped energy through playful enactments of erotic fantasies or longings.
  • Engage in a psychodrama to explore your fantasies and achieve wholeness without trauma. 💫

Module 10: Final sharing circle

  • Listen to heartfelt and deep sharing from women participants, reflecting joys, sorrows, realizations and transformations.
  • Gain valuable insights and guidance from Sarita's wisdom and experience as she addresses participants' questions. 💫

Have a little sneak peek...


Meet Your Teacher...

Hi! I'm Ma Ananda Sarita

My mission in life is to spread the joy of Tantra in the world. I have been deeply immersed in my personal path of Tantra, Meditation and Spirituality since 1973.

I spent 17 years learning directly from the enlightened mystic Osho in his physical presence and a total of 26 years in his community. This invaluable time allowed me to absorb the full essence of his teachings and dive deeper into the realms of Tantra and holistic healing.

I am committed to practicing and teaching authentic Tantra, rooted in Meditation and Love. Tantra for me is a sublime path to enlightenment which explores polarities and the alchemical transformation that takes place when opposites meet in the light of awareness.

Hi! I'm Ma Ananda Sarita

My mission in life is to spread the joy of Tantra in the world. I have been deeply immersed in my personal path of Tantra, Meditation and Spirituality since 1973.

I spent 17 years learning directly from the enlightened mystic Osho in his physical presence and a total of 26 years in his community. This invaluable time allowed me to absorb the full essence of his teachings and dive deeper into the realms of Tantra and holistic healing.

I am committed to practicing and teaching authentic Tantra, rooted in Meditation and Love. Tantra for me is a sublime path to enlightenment which explores polarities and the alchemical transformation that takes place when opposites meet in the light of awareness.


Learn Tantra in the most safe & authentic way

I am well aware of the myths surrounding Tantra.

It's disheartening that the word Tantra is sometimes misunderstood as a space for orgies or polyamory. Some even associate Tantra with black magic or witchcraft. 

In reality, Tantra is a profound path of self-discovery. It is a space for emotional healing. It offers multidimensional tools for spiritual growth.

I am dedicated to providing a safe, respectful and authentic environment for your transformative journey.

With Tantra Essence, you can trust that you are in the hands of experienced facilitators. Here, we honour the true essence of Tantra. We serve you by creating a safe space where you can thrive, grow and discover the magic within.

I invite you to look beyond the myths and allow me and my Kaula (team) to guide you towards the real wisdom of Tantra. This is a space where you will rediscover yourself, experience profound connection and have a renewed celebration for life.

-- love & blessings --

Ma Ananda Sarita

Sarita is just the teacher Ineeded




“Sarita is really loving and compassionate.”

I evolved deeply in my spirituality. Sarita has tools that really work for modern people and can light up a room full of students.

Layla Martin,
Tantra Teacher  


"She has a way of loving you where you are at."

She lets you have your journey. She lets you have your process. She loves you no matter what without judgment. I love her gentle, loving, nourishing approach.

Czech Republic


"She is the divine energy in its purest form."

She took me on a journey on my own soul’s calling. I’ve never met another human being who could take me to such a depth of my journey.


Imagine yourself in the not-too-distant future…

  • You wake up each morning feeling a beautiful aura of confidence radiating from within.
  • Throughout your day, you'll effortlessly embody your authentic feminine essence, gracefully expressing your sensuality and authenticity in every step you take.
  • In your relationships, you experience deeper connection with your partner, brimming with passion, intimacy and open communication.
  • Your body becomes a temple of pleasure and vitality. You fully embrace your sensuality, experiencing moments of ecstasy and bliss.
  • Equipped with newfound knowledge and skills, you have become a master of pleasure. You take charge of your desires, confidently expressing and fulfilling them.
  • The journey you embarked upon through this course has transformed you into a woman who exudes confidence, love and vitality in every aspect of her life.
  • You now know how to integrate your sexuality, love and spirituality harmoniously, manifesting a fulfilling life that you’ve always been wishing for.

It's within your reach. It's waiting for you. The future is yours to create.💫


Enroll in this program and begin your journey...

What you get:

  • Lifetime access to the entire Women's Erotic & Emotional Fulfillment program where you will dive into new depths of sensuality and emotional well-being.
  • 10 modules that include a total of 47 easy-to-follow lessons that will create lasting transformation.
  • Includes discourses, detailed demonstrations, guided meditations, audio files for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Bonus interviews and Q&A sessions with Sarita and the participants of the program.
  • A surprise bonus module named 'Pelvic Power Dance' that teaches you to activate energy in your hips and bum through a special African dance. 💃

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