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Rediscover Your Inner Divine Feminine Nature

Embrace your inner beauty, authenticity and sensuality for a life filled with love & fulfillment

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For those women who feel disconnected from their innate feminine radiance, chances are…

  • You've struggled under the heavy burden of societal expectations, of societal pressures and distorted notions of beauty, causing self-esteem issues and a lack of self-love.
  • You may have endured emotional wounds, physical pain, or the haunting scars of sexual trauma that are hindering you from embracing your full feminine essence.
  • You‚Äôre on a healing journey, seeking to restore balance and reclaim your power for a life of wholeness and vitality.
  • You're ready to nurture neglected aspects of yourself and embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  • You've been searching for ways to create more fulfillment and harmony in your relationships, cultivating deeper connections and meaningful intimacy.
  • You've felt a deep longing to understand and embrace your spiritual path, one that honors and celebrates your feminine nature.
  • You‚Äôre intrigued by the mystique of Tantra and want to experience its life-transformational benefits.ūüíę

If you've felt the pull of these desires, know that you are not alone...


According to a 2021 survey released by The WealthiHer Network, a staggering 79% of women admitted to struggling with their self-esteem!

That’s right, 4 out of every 5 women don’t feel comfortable in their skin. They feel they are not enough! My heart aches... 

And this one is big. Most women I meet are insecure about their breasts. Either they think¬†their breasts are¬†too small or too big or a weird shape. This saddens me ūüėĒ

How did we end up here…?

One of the main culprits of this is mainstream media and advertisements.

They have distorted our understanding of what it means to be a woman.

Photoshopped images and unrealistic beauty standards have become the norm, leaving many feeling inadequate and pressured to conform.

And now with social media, this virus is spreading like a pandemic.

Women are now hiding behind face filters on Instagram and TikTok.

And as a result of this, plastic surgery and botox have become the go-to solutions.

Fake nose. Fake lips. Fake breasts.

I find it really ironic that many young girls now want to look just the same. They want to look exactly like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid.

They are ashamed to embrace their true unique essence.

This needs to change!

Women need to realize that these invasive plastic treatments may provide temporary changes to our appearance, but they don't address the deeper issues of self-acceptance and embracing our unique essence.

The truth is, true fulfillment and self-love can only come from within.

It is only when we embrace our authentic selves, celebrate our uniqueness, and cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance that we can truly love and connect with others.

This is what I am here to help you with.

Together, we will peel back the layers of societal conditioning and reconnect with the essence of your true feminine nature.

You deserve to love and be loved fully, starting with yourself.

Introducing the Goddess Unveiled Online Program

Welcome to Goddess Unveiled, an empowering online program that offers you a whole new way to reconnect with your innate feminine radiance, embrace your authentic beauty and reclaim your power as a woman.

This program is the result of extensive research and decades of experience in the realms of Tantra, spirituality and human psychology. The curriculum is designed as a blend of teachings, meditations, rituals and practices. It is a carefully crafted journey that will forever change the way you approach self-love, beauty, authenticity, pleasure and human connection.


Highlights of what you'll learn...


Cultivating self-empowerment and reclaiming your inner power as a woman.

Nurturing your body, mind and spirit through holistic practices that promote overall well-being and radiance.

The true meaning of beauty and its connection to our unique feminine essence.

Powerful rituals and practices for creating sacred and harmonious spaces in your life.

Healing emotional wounds and releasing the scars of past traumas for greater self-acceptance and wholeness.

The art of self-acceptance and self-love, releasing societal conditioning and embracing your authentic beauty.

Embracing your sensuality and pleasure as a sacred and vital part of your feminine essence.

Methods for deepening your connections and cultivating meaningful intimacy in relationships.

The Curriculum


Module 1: The Goddess embodied in human form

  • Unveil the true meaning of beauty and its connection to the Goddess essence.
  • Explore the ancient wisdom of the chakra system and its role in awakening your feminine power.

Module 2: Blessing the space ritual

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative ritual of Blessing the Space, a powerful practice that creates a sacred and harmonious environment for your spiritual journey.
  • Infuse your energy field with the essence of Lady Nada through the application of Aura Soma, invoking the power of enlightened love.

Module 3: Dancing the demons

  • Embark on a liberating dance journey to release the inner demons that have been holding you back and reclaim your true expanded nature.
  • Experience the power of dance as a transformative tool to bring awareness to the aspects within you that create disturbance and prevent you from being free.

Module 4: What I love about myself & what I dislike about myself

  • Discover the transformative power of self-empowerment, self-love and self-healing through a method inspired by the book "Love, Medicine¬†& Miracles" by Bernie S. Siegel.¬†

  • Experience the profound impact of unconditional love on your well-being and immune system, as love becomes a powerful stimulant for healing and transformation.

Module 5: Sundaram meditation

  • Discover the profound beauty that resides within you and permeates all of creation through¬†this active meditation called Sundaram.
  • Relax into the essence of beauty that is already present within you, connecting with the divine essence that infuses every blade of grass, every flower, every bird and every butterfly.

Module 6: This is the body of the Goddess

  • You are invited to embark on a powerful guided journey of self-acceptance and love for your body.
  • Release the condemnation and negative beliefs about your body that have been imposed by others or self-imposed.

Module 7: Magical beauty scrub

  • Experience the enchantment of the Magical Beauty Scrub, a ritual dedicated to the beauty of your skin and the purification of your auric field.
  • Indulge in this ritual when you need a moment of self-care, whether you're feeling stressed, tired, or simply want to refresh yourself.

Module 8: The dance of the seven veils

  • Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery through the ancient¬†technique of the 'Dance of the Seven Veils', originating from the Sufi tradition.
  • Unveil the layers of ego protection that hinder you from fully embodying your Goddess potential, releasing the wounds and patterns that have held you back.

Module 9: Body & soul rejuvenation

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of body & soul rejuvenation practices that nurtures your body, mind and spirit, enhancing both outer and inner beauty.

  • Embrace the connection between beauty and meditation, as the soul enchantment brings a special glow to your eyes and face, amplifying your inner radiance.

Module 10: Atisha's heart meditation

  • Immerse yourself in Atisha's Heart Meditation, a quintessential Tantra practice that harnesses the transformative power of the heart to transmute suffering into love and compassion.
  • By using conscious breath¬†in tune with your¬†heart,¬†you will discover a deeply feminine path to enlightenment through¬†the power of love.¬†

Module 11: Breast massage ritual

  • Experience the transformative power of breast massage, a sacred practice that allows you to connect with your inner ecstasy and cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and awareness.
  • ¬†Our breasts are intricately connected to our pleasure centres, with nerves linking the nipples directly to the clitoris.¬†Explore the "Tantric Circle".

Module 12: Breast meditation

  • Breast Meditation is a sacred practice specifically designed for women, derived from the ancient text called the 'Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.'

  • Feel the aura of your breasts radiate, amplifying your womanly charm and attractiveness.¬†


What our students have to say…


‚ÄúIt will change your world!‚ÄĚ

I highly recommend you to follow your intuition. The Goddess Essence work is beautiful. I wish every woman in the world experiences this at least once.

Larinda Lehman,


‚ÄúMy experience was cosmic.‚ÄĚ

I felt super connected to myself, my body, universal love and life force energy that is everywhere around us. If you feel the call, trust yourself and just go for it.

Holly Chang, 


Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I'm Ma Ananda Sarita

My mission in life is to spread the joy of Tantra in the world. I have been deeply immersed in my personal path of Tantra, Meditation and Spirituality since 1973.

I spent 17 years learning directly from the enlightened mystic Osho in his physical presence and a total of 26 years in his community. This invaluable time allowed me to absorb the full essence of his teachings and dive deeper into the realms of Tantra and holistic healing.

I am committed to practicing and teaching authentic Tantra, rooted in Meditation and Love.

Tantra for me is a sublime path to enlightenment which explores polarities and the alchemical transformation that takes place when opposites meet in the light of awareness.

Hi! I'm Ma Ananda Sarita

My mission in life is to spread the joy of Tantra in the world. I have been deeply immersed in my personal path of Tantra, Meditation and Spirituality since 1973.

I spent 17 years learning directly from the enlightened mystic Osho in his physical presence and a total of 26 years in his community. This invaluable time allowed me to absorb the full essence of his teachings and dive deeper into the realms of Tantra and holistic healing.

I am committed to practicing and teaching authentic Tantra, rooted in Meditation and Love.

Tantra for me is a sublime path to enlightenment which explores polarities and the alchemical transformation that takes place when opposites meet in the light of awareness.


Learn Tantra in the most safe & authentic way

I am well aware of the myths surrounding Tantra.

It's disheartening that the word Tantra is sometimes misunderstood as a space for orgies or polyamory. Some even associate Tantra with black magic or witchcraft. 

In reality, Tantra is a profound path of self-discovery. It is a space for emotional healing. It offers multidimensional tools for spiritual growth.

I am dedicated to providing a safe, respectful and authentic environment for your transformative journey.

With Tantra Essence, you can trust that you are in the hands of experienced facilitators. Here, we honour the true essence of Tantra. We serve you by creating a safe space where you can thrive, grow, and discover the magic within.

I invite you to look beyond the myths and allow me and my kaula (team) to guide you towards the real wisdom of Tantra. This is a space where you will rediscover yourself, experience profound connection and have a renewed celebration for life.

-- love & blessings --

Ma Ananda Sarita


Sarita is just the teacher Ineeded




‚ÄúSarita is really loving and compassionate.‚ÄĚ

I evolved deeply in my spirituality. Sarita has tools that really work for modern people and can light up a room full of students.

Layla Martin,
USA, Tantra Teacher 


"She has a way of loving you where you are at."

She lets you have your journey. She lets you have your process. She loves you no matter what without judgment. I love her gentle, loving, nourishing approach.

Czech Republic


"She is the divine energy in its purest form."

She took me on a journey on my own soul’s calling. I’ve never met another human being who could take me to such a depth of my journey.


Imagine yourself in the not-too-distant future...

  • You wake up each morning feeling a deep sense of self-acceptance and love, radiating confidence and beauty from within.
  • As you move through your day, you effortlessly embody your divine feminine essence, expressing your sensuality with grace and authenticity.
  • In your relationships, you experience deep connections filled with passion, intimacy and open communication, nurturing each other's growth and fulfillment.
  • You navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace, tapping into your inner strength and wisdom, knowing that you are capable of creating the life you desire.
  • Your body is a temple, a vessel of pleasure and vitality. You embrace your sensuality, experiencing profound moments of ecstasy and bliss.
  • You are part of a supportive community of empowered women, uplifting and inspiring each other as you continue to grow and evolve together.
  • Your journey of self-discovery and transformation has led you to a place of profound fulfillment, joy and purpose. You have become the radiant Goddess you were always meant to be.

It's within your reach. It's waiting for you. The future is yours to create. ūüíę


Enroll in Goddess Unveiled & begin your journey...


What You Get

  • Lifetime access to the entire¬†Goddess Unveiled online program where you will¬†rediscover your inner divine feminine.
  • 12 modules that include a total of 49 easy-to-follow lessons that will create lasting¬†psychological¬†transformation.
  • Includes discourses, detailed demonstrations, guided meditations, downloadable audio files for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Bonus interviews and Q&A sessions with Sarita and¬†other participants of the program.

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